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Our Mission

Conditions of the skin and its appendages like hair and nails are a leading cause of disease burden on a global level and significantly affect people´s quality of life and self-esteem. Therefore, healthcare professionals and patients constantly seek for solutions that provide healthier skin, improve skin aspect, and revert the ageing process

In Up Pharma we belive that patients in Mexico should have access to the most innovative and valuable skin and hair treatments that exist worldwide. Thus, we made it our purpose to bring to Mexico new and better solutions that allow people to be cured of dermatological diseases, remain healthy and have younger, better-looking skin

We accomplish this mission by partnering with best-in-class companies from all over the world and make available their innovative high-quality products and solutions to Mexican physicians and their patients. Moreover, we offer Mexican healthcare professionals and patients outstanding value by creating novel ways for them to engage with us and fully benefit from the sciencebased innovations we offer.

Featured Products

Patients need new and better treatment options. We firmly believe that physicians as health care professionals as health care professionals are the ones to choose the best treatment option for their patients. We therefore work closely with Mexican doctors providing them with ample scientific information about hair and skin conditions and about our products, for example, the innovate treatments Nourkrin®, Nourella®, and Zeloglin®.


Enabling your Market Entry

Up Pharma Market Entry Services provides solutions for Life Science Companies that want to enter the Mexican market and make their products available to patients in Mexico. Be they pharmaceuticals, medical devices,food supplements or cosmetics.


Find out more about how our services help you to establish and manage your healthcare business in Mexico.